The Office of the Registrar publishes the enrollment dates and deadlines each semester. 

Dates and Deadlines Explained

  • Add/Drop Deadline - Last day to put a class on your schedule or remove a class from your schedule on your own through MyMadison without needing any additional permission.  Withdrawing from a class after the drop deadline will result in a "W" grade and corresponding tuition charges, if applicable. 
  • Add with Departmental Permission - After the add/drop deadline and before the add with departmental permission deadline, students may only add a course with permission from the department that teaches that course.  
  • Withdrawal from the University - Last day to withdraw from all classes to be eligible for cancellation of tuition charges and refund. 
  • Course Adjustment Period
    • withdraw with a "W" gradeA student may withdraw from a course after the drop deadline but before the end of the course adjustment period.  A student who withdraws from a course after the drop deadline will receive a grade of "W" for the course, and this grade will be recorded permanently on the student's transcript. Corresponding tuititon charges will apply for a class for which a student earns a "W" grade.   
    • change repeat option - Change between "repeat credit" and "repeat forgiveness" grading options.  
    • change course credit option - Change between graded credit (GRD), audit (AUD), and credit/no credit (CNC) grading basis.  
  • Complete "Incomplete" Work - Last day to complete and submit work for courses designated at "incomplete" (I) from the previous semester.  
  • Graduation Application Deadline - The last day to submit your graduation application to your first major advisor. 
  • Classes End - Last day regularly scheduled classes will meet. 
  • Final Exams - Check the exam schedule each semester to find out dates and times for exams.
  • Grades Due - Faculty must submit class grades to the university via MyMadison by this date and time.  

Enrollment Periods Explained

View this information on How to View my Enrollment Appointment

  • Enrollment Appointment - An enrollment appointment is a designated time during which a student may add and drop classes and make adjustments to their schedule.   There is no physical place to go for this appointment; it is simply a time assigned for you to enroll.  
  • Advanced Enrollment - The advanced enrollment period is a time during which students are assigned an enrollment appointment according to the number of credit hours earned.  In general, seniors go first, juniors go second, sophomores go third, and freshman go fourth.  New freshman and transfer students enrolling in classes for the first time will enroll at the time and according to the process communicated during orientation. 
  • Open Enrollment - The open enrollment period is the time during which all undergraduate students at JMU may add and drop classes and make adjustments to their schedules without needing any special permission. 

Note: Students may enroll in classes by logging in to MyMadison from any computer or electronic device with access to the internet. If a student has pending transfer or test credit, it must be posted to the transcript to be included in the calculation of hours earned.  Current enrollment does not count towards hours earned as they have not yet been completed. Ten Weeks (U10)

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