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What is M3?

M3 is short for Madison Money Manager, which is our student financial account portal. This is where students, parents, or anyone authorized by the student can view or make an online payment to the student's JMU account. There are three different versions available: student, Authorized User, and guest. Saved accounts and payment plans set up in the student version cannot be viewed by Authorized Users, and information saved on Authorized User accounts cannot be viewed by the student or by any other Authorized Users.

For a more detailed walkthrough of Madison Money Manager, please take our M3 tour here.

Accessing M3
Student Access

Every student has an M3 account that is accessible through MyMadison. Once logged into MyMadison, click on the Student tab and then the link that says “Student Center.” In the Student Center there will be four sections, one will be labeled as “Finances,” and within that section there will be a link that says “M3 - My Student Account.”

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Clicking this link will open a pop-up window to a site external of MyMadison, so make sure you have any pop-up blockers turned off. This pop-up window will take you to M3.

Authorized User Access

Authorized Users are set up and given official access to student account information by the student themselves. When an Authorized User is set up it means that they not only have their own access to M3 via the Authorized User login site, but they will also receive any notifications the UBO provides to the students about outstanding balances, posted statements, and available 1098-T forms. Being an Authorized User also allows UBO staff members to discuss account details with someone other than the student.

Student information maintained by the UBO can only be provided with this authorization due to JMU Student Privacy Policies. Authorization to speak with other departments does not provide authorization to speak with the UBO regarding the student's account, and authorization to speak with the UBO does not provide authorization to receive information regarding the student's financial aid, grades, or other student information. Without being set up as an Authorized User, the only information UBO staff can provide is the amount due on the account.

Guest Access

Guest access is the most limited way to use M3; the only feature users may access through this area is the payment option. Signing in through the Guest login site using the student's ID number and last name does not require an official account. Payments can be made through the guest access, but no identifying information, including the amount due on the account, will be provided in this version.

Authorized User Setup

Authorized Users are set up by the student. By setting up an Authorized User, the student is allowing someone other than themselves to view their account. This step and the deadline to set it up are explained in the student's One Book; this deadline is in place to ensure that students have an Authorized User in place before the first statement is posted online. Authorized Users can be set up after the deadline given in the One Book, so that is not your final chance. It is not required to set up an Authorized User, but it is highly recommended.

Once in M3, the student can go to the lower left hand corner to find a box labeled "Authorized Users".

Display Name only

Clicking on "Add New" will allow a student to set up a new Authorized User on the following screen.

M3 AU Setup

After filling in the information and hitting "OK," an email will be sent to the Authorized User's email account with a link to the login page, the username, and a temporary password. When logging in for the first time they will be required to create a permanent password and a security question to be used in case of a lost or forgotten password. If both the password and the security question are lost or forgotten, the student will have to reset the password through their access, which will send a new temporary password to the Authorized User.

Paying Through M3

M3 is not just for viewing information; it is also for paying online. Payment can be made through any of the three access types and can be made by eCheck or credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Credit/debit card payments are charged an additional 2.75% processing fee.

If logging in as a student or as an Authorized User, there will be two links on the landing page to take you to the screen for making a payment. The top navigation menu will have a link that says "Make Payment," and the Account Activity section will have a link that says "Make a payment." Both will take the user to the same screen. Logging into M3 as a guest will only provide the user with access to this screen. Note that logging in as a guest will not provide the user with the top section showing any line items specific to the student.

M3 Payment Options

If there is more than one charge at the top, there will be an option for "Click to Pay All." The user can also click on each line item to individually add it to the shopping cart.


Here is where the user can change the amount. For instance, if the student is receiving a $2000 scholarship, the amount can be changed to $1005 before adding it to the shopping cart.

If the user chooses the "Click To Pay" option next to "Tuition and Fees" instead of a line item at the top, or if paying as a guest, the screen would look like this:


The user would need to enter in the amount and select the semester the payment is being made towards. If selecting one of the other options in the payment table this will show the name of the item being paid and will also be pre-filled with the amount that item is set at.


Checking out will take the user through the steps of entering in payment information. The payment can also be edited on this screen, or line items can be deleted if added in error.

If you still have questions about paying through M3, feel free to contact the UBO at ubo@jmu or by phone at 540/568-6505.

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