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Welcome to M3!

This is what M3 (Madison Money Manager) looks like when viewed as a student. It is very similar, but not identical, to what an Authorized User will see. There also may be differences in what the user sees because of the specific account information, saved accounts, payment plans set up, etc. This page explains each section of M3, starting at the top and working the way down the left side, then the right. If you have any questions that may not have been answered here, feel free to get in touch with the UBO at or by phone at 540/568-6505.

M3 landing page


The top navigation ribbon has several options on it to help you quickly navigate to key sections of M3.

  • Your Account - Takes the user back to the landing page from anywhere in M3.
  • View Statements - Shows the user a listing of all of the statements posted to the account in M3.
  • Make Payment - Takes the user to the page showing charges available to be paid as well as a table of generic items that can be paid.
  • Shopping Cart - This is where any items selected from the "Make Payment" page are stored before checkout.
  • Help - For any assistance the user may need with M3.
  • Sign Out - Signs the user out of M3. Always recommended to be used before exiting the system.
Your Account

Your Account

This section shows the user the current amount due on the account. This amount may be different from what is seen in other places because it is also calculating the pending financial aid items that may not have posted to the account completely yet. The amount shown in this box is the amount the student owes the university and updates in real time with account changes.

There are two links in this box. The first, "Make a payment", will take the user to the same page as "Make Payment" in the top navigation. The second link, "View detailed transaction history", will take the user to another page that shows each transaction posted to the student account. The timeframe of what is being viewed can be changed using the dropdown box seen above before clicking on the link.

Account Activity

This screen will show all transactions that have posted to the student's account. It will not showing any pending transactions such as loans, grants, or scholarships that the UBO has not yet received the funds for. The user also has the option to change the timeframe for the detail from this screen. "View All Data" will show all transactions that have posted to the student's account since they have been at JMU.

Your Statements


This section allows the user to view all of the statements that have been posted to the student's account. It shows the date the statement was posted as well as an indicator on the left to show if it has been viewed or not. These are the official statements for the student account. Each one is static, based on the information reflected on the student account at the time it was posted. Each statement will show the previous balance, as well as any changes that may have occurred on the account since the last statement was posted.

Your Recent Payments

Recent Payments

This section will provide a listing of recent payments made on the account through M3. Clicking on view will allow the user to see payment details such as the user that made the payment, the date, and the payment type. The user will also be able to print a receipt from this screen, or have one emailed.

Saved accounts

Saved Accounts

If, when making a payment, the user opts to save the payment method for future use it will be stored here. There is also the option to add a saved payment method from this section as well. These saved accounts are tied to the user's access. Saved accounts on the student's access will not be viewable to the Authorized Users, and vice versa. One Authorized User's saved accounts will also not be viewable to other Authorized Users.

Setup Authorized Users/Student Links

Display Name only

Authorized Users

This section is where the student will add Authorized Users to the account. After adding an Authorized User, the student is also able to edit the account, or delete it. Editing the account also has the option of resetting the password. For information on setting up an Authorized User, please click here.

Student Links

The Student Links section is what the Authorized User sees in this section. It notifies the user which student's account they are logged into at that time. If the user is set up as an Authorized User for multiple students, they can link those accounts in this section, allowing them to switch between the different students without having to log out and back in for each.

Account Details and 1098-T

Student Account Details

AU Account Details

The Account Details section is another section that is different depending on student and Authorized User access. The student version allows for setting up SMS alerts for the notifications sent when statements are posted to the account. The Authorized User version has that option as well, and in addition is where the Authorized User can change their email, password, and secret question.


This section is where the student's 1098-T will be posted in M3 if there is one available for the student. The link for giving electronic consent provides the option for agreeing to only electronic delivery. This will mean that no paper 1098-T will be mailed when they are processed in January each year, and the form will only be available online.

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