In order to transfer to JMU you must formally apply to the university through the Office of Admissions. International students should apply through the International Admissions application. Attending a specific college or university does not give you a better chance at being admitted. The admission decision is based on the quality of your academic work at your previous college or university.

Application Deadlines:

Summer - February 1st

Fall - March 1st

Spring - October 1st 

It is your responsibility to know and understand the Transfer Application Process, meet all application requirements and to meet application deadlines.  Below are some important tips when completing your JMU application materials.

Application Tips for Transfers

  • Prepare early. It can take several weeks for transcripts to be sent to JMU by other colleges and high schools (and yes, a high school transcript is required regardless of the number of college credits completed). We recommend that you make requests for all transcripts to be sent to JMU at least one month before the JMU application deadline.
  • Request a global evaluation of your credit if you are transferring credit from a college or university outside the U.S. 
  • Explore JMU Majors. You may have to meet additional academic requirements in order to progress in your major at JMU.  We strongly recommended that you review the Major Overviews to learn about the various majors at JMU and their specific requirements.  The Academic Advising website provides detailed information about all JMU majors so that you will know what to expect when you arrive. JMU does not admit students by major. You are evaluated solely on your academic record and potential for success; the major you select on your application does not affect the admission process in any way. 
  • Write the optional Personal Statement. Transfer students often have very different backgrounds and experiences than traditional first year students. Did you take a break from school for a while? Did you have a rough start, yet vastly improve your GPA over time? Did you serve in the military? Did you work full-time while attending school? Explaining any extenuating circumstances you may have experienced helps the Admissions Counselors put your academic record into context and gives them a more complete picture of who you are.
  • Sign your Letter of Intent. If you are you participating in the Guaranteed Admission Agreement you must sign the letter of intent with a counselor at your community college when you have completed 45 credits. Keep in mind that you still need to apply to JMU.
  • Be aware that there is no universal credit evaluation process. Each college and university has its own guidelines for accepting transfer credits as well as Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test credits, which is why you need to have all official transcripts and test scores sent directly from the appropriate institution to JMU.  For example, earning credit for AP English at one institution does not mean that you will receive the same AP credit at JMU. Read more information on JMU's transfer credit policies and view the Transfer Credit Equivalency Guide.

For Students Who Have Already Applied:

Check Your Application Status by logging in to MyMadison.

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