It is a university policy that all matriculating transfer students and current JMU students must declare a major upon completion of 30 credit hours (this includes transfer credit hours from another institution).  Therefore, it is very important that you research your major of interest to learn more about the discipline, any progression or admission standards, and course requirements. 

JMU offers over 60 different majors.   The following links will provide you with more comprehensive information about each major.

  • JMU Major Overviews - provides an overview of all JMU majors, including addition admission requirements and/or progression standards.
  • Major Guides for VCCS/RBC Students - advising guides by major for students currently enrolled at one of Virginia's community colleges. 
  • Pre-Professional Programs at JMU including education, health fields, law and theology

What if I Don't Know Which Major to Choose?

Students with less than 30 JMU approved transfer credits may choose Exploratory as their major upon entering JMU. The university has a number of resources available to help matriculated students find a major including a Career and Life Planning course  and an annual Majors Fair. You will be assigned to an advisor in University Advising who is experienced in working with exploratory students and can help you through the process of choosing a major.

Students with 30 or more JMU-approved transfer credits must declare a major when registering for orientation. If you are still unsure of which major to choose, your best course of action is to take advantage of your college's career center. Many community colleges and universities offer career counseling services. The Career Guide to JMU Majors is also a helpful resource. Still have questions? Contact the one of the JMU Transfer Advising Coordinators.

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