The pre-theology program prepares students to enter professional schools of religion (divinity schools, seminaries, theological schools). These professional schools prepare the student for a variety of careers, such as ministry, religious education and religious work with youth and others. The program at JMU will provide excellent preparation not only for acceptance at these schools but also for enriched professional training.

A student in this program may major in any field he/she chooses, although the American Association for Theological Schools recommends substantial pre-professional training in philosophy and religion. This professional accrediting agency also recommends a broad background in English language and literature; history (American and European); both the physical and the life sciences; the social sciences (particularly psychology, anthropology and sociology); and interdisciplinary studies on the relationship between the "political" and religion(s) (variously defined); biblical and classical (Greek and Latin) languages and, of course, religion, including the sacred scriptures, history of religious traditions and theology.

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