Note: A minimum pre-registration of 8 participants is required for this workshop to be facilitated as scheduled.

Total Workshop Time: 2 - 3 Hour Sessions

Pre-requisites: None


It is exciting and a little scary when you become the supervisor. While some of the job duties may be familiar, learning to supervise people can be daunting. In this workshop you will learn about ten critical skills that new supervisors need to be successful and have the opportunity to network with other supervisors from around campus.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Understand the role of the supervisor
  • Identify critical supervisor tasks
  • Learn ten basic supervision skills
  • Practice using the ten basic supervision skills
  • Develop a plan for applying the supervision skills at work
  • Network with other supervisors

Facilitated by: Gregory Gum, Manager, Systems & Operations and Shea Tussing, HR Consultant, Human Resources

Workshop Classifications

Level: Fundamental

Type: All Inclusive

Competency: Supervision/Management

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