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  • 2020-2021 Supervisor Handbook
  • 2020-2021 Student Employee Handbook
  • SPECIAL REPORT: In a recent communication from Secretary of Education Qarni, he clarified that the Governor’s hiring freeze did include student employees.  The reason for the broad inclusion of employees such as students was for the Governor’s office to “get a better handle on the kinds of needs the institutions have at this time.”  After consultation with the vice presidents, it was decided for us to submit a blanket request to have the ability to hire student employees.   This request was approved by the Secretary.  As a part of the Secretary of Education’s approval, each Vice President must now give approval for the hiring of student employees in their division.  Through an email, the individual wishing to hire a student employee should follow the process for their division to obtain the vice president’s approval.  This email with the vice president’s approval must accompany each e-par that is sent to Student Employment for the hiring to move forward.  Please be sure to include the student’s name in the email.  If a department is asking for approval for multiple student employees at the same time, please include all the names and attach the approval email to each individual e-par. 

    Thank you for your commitment to our students and supporting them in gaining valuable skills and lessons in the workplace.

  • Late I-9 and $100 fine.  Avoid a $100 charge by ensuring that your student employee has a valid I-9 on file before beginning work.  JMU will impose fines beginning August 1, 2018 for late I-9 completion.  Contact Student Employment ( with questions.

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