• Steps to expedite the hiring paperwork for your new student employee. 
  • Background Checks:  You will need to complete a background check on your student employee if the following applies:  1) Student employee handles and/or processes payment credit card data and transactions or 2) Student employee works with personally identifiable information (student names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, student ID numbers, employee ID numbers, etc.). The form can be found at this link, Background Check Form. Please upload it to the ePAR or send the paper version to Student Employment, MSC 3519. If you have any questions, please call 568-3269 or email studentjobs@jmu.edu.
  • For information on Graduate Assistantships, please visit the Graduate School Website.
  • Transferring or Separating Employee Checklist:  The Checklist for Supervisors of Transferring or Separating Employees must be completed for any transferring or separating student employees. All departments MUST complete the checklist if a student employee is leaving your department or going on break over the summer. 
New Hires

A New Hire is defined as a student who has never worked for the University. This includes students who previously worked in the bookstore or dining services.  A new hire is NOT eligible to beging working until the I9 form, Sections 1 & 2 are completed and the hiring manager has received a confirmation email from Student Employment.

Required Paperwork:

  1. ePAR (HRMS)
  2. Personnel Action Request Form
    1. Only use a paper PAR when making a "correction" to an ePAR.
  3. Employee Information Form
  4. Signed Position Description
  5. Photocopy of Student's Social
    Security Card (this is for Payroll purposes)
  6. I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification and I9 Section 1 Video
  7. W-4 Federal Withholding Certificate
  8. VA-4 State Withholding Certificate
  9. Direct Deposit Form

A Re-Hire is defined as any student who has previously been a JMU employee.  This does not include employment with the bookstore or dining services.

Required Paperwork:

  1. ePAR (HRMS)
  2. Personnel Action Request Form
    1. Only use a paper PAR when making a "correction" to an ePAR.
  3. Signed Position Description

Optional Paperwork: If the student wishes to change their direct deposit and/or withholding information, attach the appropriate form(s) from this list:

  1. W-4 Federal Withholding Certificate
  2. VA-4 State Withholding Certificate
  3. Direct Deposit Form
  4. Employee Information Form (for employees that wish to change their personal data)

Note about Re-Hires: If there is a lapse in service of six (6) months or more, student will need to complete new tax and direct deposit forms.

If there is a lapse in service of one (1) year or more, student will need to complete a new I-9 Verification Form and tax and direct deposit forms. 

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