When and where do I need to wear a mask?

Students will be temporarily required to wear masks in indoor spaces on owned or leased university property when in the presence of others. Students are not required to wear masks when they are in their own residence hall rooms with their roommate(s).  If there are other students in the room, then all students should be wearing masks. Masks must be worn in the dining halls except while seated and actively eating or drinking.

 What if I am off campus?

You are expected to abide by city and state guidelines. Students who are not on university property are strongly encouraged to use mitigation strategies.

 How long do I need to wear a mask?

All JMU students are expected to abide by the mask requirement for as long as either the Governor’s Executive Directive Eighteen or a JMU requirement is in force. It is hoped that the mask requirement will be relaxed as local health conditions improve.  

 Additional mask guidance

Additional mask and accessibility guidance can be found here. 

 Can you explain the reasoning for universal mask wearing and what the logic is behind it?

Current CDC guidelines recommend masking in areas with substantial and high transmission. Our local area is experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases and is in these categories. In addition, we have many students who are coming to campus from areas with substantial and/or high transmission. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of our community and the wearing of a well-fitting mask is highly effective at preventing the spread of the coronavirus, including its variants. 

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