Booster Shots

All eligible faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to get the booster.

Employees and students should share records of completed boosters with the University Health Center through MyJMUChart. Quarantine guidelines are based on vaccination status and having booster records on file will help determine someone’s quarantine requirements, should they be exposed.

Food and Dining Services

On March 7, masks will no longer be required in the dining facilities.

Starship robots will be available for delivery service throughout the academic year. Access this service by downloading the Starship app.

Throughout the day, before food is loaded into the robot, it will be wiped down inside and outside with an approved cleaner. At the end of the day each Starship robot will undergo a detailed cleaning.

Contact Dining Services at (540) 568-6751 or email to arrange food to-go.

These students may also use the Starship robots and other delivery options. 

Housekeeping and Facilities

The following enhanced cleaning protocols will be performed by the Facilities Management Department:

  • Facilities Management will work with building coordinators to determine which doors may be kept open with doorstops to avoid unnecessary touching.
  • Facilities Management will monitor air filters and building systems for optimal performance.
  • Facilities Management will provide COVID-19 signage related to masking for use by all departments.
  • Plexiglass style shields are installed on classroom lecterns where possible. Building coordinators may request additional desktop shields as needed.

The following enhanced protocols will be performed by the Facilities Management Department:

  • Housekeepers will clean classrooms, labs and public restrooms each day, including after classes have ended, prior to the next day.
  • Housekeepers will clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces such as stairwell handrails, water fountains, door entrance and exit handles, elevators, vending machines, and all other general-touch surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to each building, in every office suite as well as every classroom and lab.
  • Housekeepers will maintain a cleaning schedule verification sheet, located on the back of each classroom door. Housekeepers will sign the cleaning schedule, including the time and date of last cleaning.
  • Classrooms and labs will have disposable wipes available for faculty and students to clean their work area, study area, or desk between formal housekeeping services.
  • Housekeepers will no longer clean white boards and chalkboards. This is a faculty responsibility. Appropriate cleaning supplies for white boards and chalkboards will be provided.
  • Housekeeping will clean individual offices and assigned spaces designated for personal/professional use twice a week instead of daily, allowing them to focus on sanitizing shared spaces. A bottle of disinfectant and a cloth will be available for each office so individuals may clean their work/study areas between formal housekeeping services. Housekeepers will collect and wash cloths on a regular schedule. 
  • Staff and faculty will be prohibited from placing food items in their office trashcans. These items should be placed in a common area receptacle or taken home.
  • Faculty and staff may order quart bottles of hand sanitizer from Facilities Management for faculty and staff to use at their workstations. Please note that quantities are limited. 
  • JMU will not assign housekeepers to individual buildings; however, they will work in teams. Their priority will be the disinfecting of public spaces, restrooms and classrooms.
Public Events

As of March 7, masks will no longer be required at athletic events.

Ticketed seats in the Forbes Center Masterpiece Theatre will be assigned in accordance with the latest COVID guidance. Masks may be required for audiences while indoors.

Student performers must wear a mask in classroom spaces but may remove their masks while performing if on stage.

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