What do I do if I am exposed to COVID-19?

JMU is following the recommendations of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention related to quarantine and isolation after exposure. Click here if you have been exposed to COVID-19.

What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

Step 1. Visit the CDC quarantine and isolation site for isolation instructions and follow them.

Step 2. Self-report your status to the University Health Center by:

Step 3. If you tested off campus, email your test result or a picture of your positive self-test with your personal identification is clearly marked on the test to healthctr@jmu.edu.
If you tested on campus, we have your results and you do not need to confirm test results. 

Step 4. Contact your supervisor to inform them of your status. If necessary, consult with an HR Benefits Specialist to see what leave options are available. 

If I tested positive for COVID, do I need to test to get out of isolation?

No. Once you test positive for COVID-19 you do not need to test for 90 days unless a medical provider instructs you to get tested. Follow the CDC isolation guidelines. COVID-19 tests should be reserved for those who have not tested positive in the last 90 days.


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