Below is JMU’s COVID-19 dashboard. Data are updated daily Monday-Friday.

Test data are reported as both daily and accumulated. Test data include both JMU students and employees. 

Important points to note: 

JMU’s Testing Strategy
Per CDC and VDH guidelines, the University Health Center (UHC) is primarily focused on testing symptomatic individuals and close contacts of someone who has tested positive. Close contacts who do not have symptoms should be tested between 5 and 7 days from the date of last contact. However, close contacts who test negative will still be required to complete the quarantine period due to the incubation period of this virus. Testing is also available for asymptomatic individuals who are concerned they may have been exposed and for those wanting or needing a test prior to travel or returning home. Data below includes tests performed on athletes and a sample of students selected for surveillance testing. Also, note that not all positive cases are present on campus. There are many students and staff who are working, learning or teaching remotely and have been for some time. The size of our campus community totals close to 22,000 students and over 3,840 employees.

Student Self-Reporting
Due to patient privacy laws, the university is not able to verify self-reported positive cases. This number represents students and employees who got tested at off-campus healthcare providers, and notified the UHC or Dean of Students of their status.

Employee Self-Reporting
Due to patient privacy laws, the university is not able to verify self-reported employee provided positive cases. This number represents employees who got tested at off-campus healthcare providers, and notified JMU HR or Occupational Health Nurse of their status

Isolation/Quarantine Space
The availability of isolation and quarantine space is constantly in flux. Once a student ends their prescribed time in isolation or quarantine, the space they were using becomes available for another student to use. Additionally, as a result of depopulating our residence halls, students who need to quarantine are more likely to be able to do so in-place in their residence halls. We are also constantly working to expand our isolation and quarantine capacity.

Total Recovered Cases
A student or employee is counted as recovered 10 days after the date they were tested.

Total Active Cases
The number of active cases is calculated by subtracting the number of recovered students and employees from the cumulative number of positive cases (both UHC and self-reported).

To download historical data and daily case counts, click here.

To view the historical Fall 2020 dashboard summary, click here.

Contributions to this dashboard's design were provided at no charge to the university by Lee Feinberg (parent, 2024) of DecisionViz.

Additional Resources

The information presented by this dashboard pulls data from various sources to demonstrate the known status of COVID-19 on the JMU campus and in the surrounding community where many of our students reside. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with information at our access, while maintaining privacy of individuals who are affected by COVID-19. Because “Self-Reported Cases” comprises a large portion of our total case count, we cannot guarantee that this information is complete. Individuals not tested at the University Health Center who test positive may choose not to report. But their positive status should be included in the Virginia Department of Health’s total case count. So please also refer to daily case count dashboards for our area on the VDH site linked below. For a full picture, search for 22807, 22801 and 22802 zip codes.

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Daily Dashboard

Includes data for positive and probable cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, across the commonwealth.

Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Interpreting Case and Testing Data by Zip Code

Includes data for cases and tests administered, filtered by ZIP code.

Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA Dashboards)

Includes data for tests administered, positivity rate, and ICU beds occupied by COVID-19 patients.

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