As the spring 2022 semester concludes, the university will discontinue updating the Stop the Spread dashboard on May 13. 

Should the need arise to restart reporting via this dashboard on how the pandemic is affecting JMU, we will do so. We always will strive to provide the most transparent and useful portrayal of public health in the JMU community when warranted.


For current answers to Student Vaccine FAQs, click here.

For current answers to Employee Vaccine FAQs, click here.

Click here to download dashboard data as spreadsheet (.xlsx)

The information presented by this dashboard pulls data from information provided to the University Health Center. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with information at our access, while maintaining privacy of individuals.

Archival summary data of cases:

Archival summary data of cases are available for review and download.

Contributions to this dashboard's design were provided at no charge to the university by Lee Feinberg (parent, 2024) of DecisionViz.

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