ISNW 2020 Faculty Mini-Grant Awards
Faculty Member
Project Title

Amy Goodall

Cameras for identification, documentation, and inventory of pollinator species of the JMU campus

Joshua Linder

Education and Outreach to Protect Red Colobus Monkeys, Africa’s Most Endangered Primate Group

Samuel Morton

Improving the Sustainability of Industrial Hemp Cultivation in Virginia – Evaluation of Planting Dates and Resultant Impacts on Cultivation Practices

Carole Nash

Not a Moment Too Soon: Furthering the Resilience of Cultural and Natural History in the Face of Sea Level Rise on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh

Inventory and Analysis of Trees on the Campus of James Madison University

Bradley Striebig

Beaver Creek Streambank Restoration

Hao Zhang

Developing an Educational Sustainable Precious Plastic Workspace for JMU and the Community

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