The UREC Meditation Room is located on the third floor of UREC, above the Sports Forums. Travel up the main stairwell to the third floor, turn left and the Meditation Room will be located on your left. The room is open for drop-in use unless a program is taking place in the space.

Meditation Room Policies

Participants are expected to follow all UREC Policies and University Policies.

  • This is a quiet space. Please turn off or silence electronics and refrain from talking or disruptive behavior. If you use headphones, keep the volume very low.
  • No sleeping or studying.
  • Keep the floor clear. Personal belongings must be kept in cubbies or lockers.
  • Please do not remove equipment or supplies from this room.
  • No oils, candles, incense, or open flames of any kind.
  • Only water or sport drinks in re-sealable sports bottles are permitted. Food and other beverages must be consumed in the Atrium.
  • No chewing gum.

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