Publicizing your club can be challenging, but rewarding, in terms of enhanced membership, campus support and increased financial gains (dues, admissions and fundraising efforts).

After a club event (community service, fundraiser, competition, show, etc.) please complete the Highlights Form. This information will be complied by our SCC Vice-President and showcased on our Facebook page and monthly Newsletter.

Web sites, flyers, table tent blurbs, articles in the Breeze and information tables/displays are all methods of attracting new members and spectators. UREC will house a web page with standard, basic information about your club. You are welcome to create your own website which can be linked to from your basic page. Some free or low-cost web hosting sites are Weebly and Wix. Email any changes or additions to your page to the Assistant Director for Communications & Engagement.

UREC Marketing can help you get the word out about your event. Want an ad on one of the UREC TV screens? Design a PowerPoint slide (16:9 aspect ratio) or image (JPG 1920 x 1080 pixels) and email it to the Assistant Director for Communications & Engagement. You can also drop off 4 flyers for posting in UREC at the Welcome Center for the Assistant Director for Communications & Engagement. Allow at least one week for information to be posted. The Assistant Director for Marketing and Social Media and/or the Sport Club Assistant Director must approve all postings, displays, bulletin boards if you would like to post anything in UREC and/or use the UREC name or logo in any form. Postings on other areas of campus must be approved with a stamp from the University Center Information Desk.

To enhance the success of any promotional effort, it is recommended that each club inform the Sport Club Assistant Director and the SCC of any upcoming activities. Seek the Sports Club Council Vice President for assistance with any marketing needs.

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