About Us

We are an all women's team with about 27 members. Our club competes in USA Ultimate (USAU) tournaments. We practice and compete year round. Fall is the developmental season and spring is our competitive season. In the fall we compete in about three tournaments and in the spring we compete in about four to five tournaments.

How to Join

There are tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester that last two weeks. No prior experience is required. Follow our Instagram for relevant information or contact us via Instagram or email with any questions.

Time Commitment

We practice four days a week with each practice lasting two hours. Practices are required, unless there is a conflict with class related activities. We do have practice players who are not required to attend every practice, but they do not attend tournaments.


Dues are typically $50 in the fall since we attend less tournaments and $90 in the spring. This may vary.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • 2023, second place at Sectionals

  • 2023, first place at Bonanza

  • 2023, first place at the Commonwealth Cup

  • 2022, first place at Extinction ROMP

  • 2019, first place at Oak Creek Invite at Virginia Beach

  • 2018, UREC Sport Club of the Month

  • 2017-2018, UREC Sport Club of the Year

Contact Us

Email us at jmuwomensultimate@gmail.com.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter


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