About Us

Our team is composed of approximately 28-30 women. We compete in the Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA), a subdivision of U.S. Lacrosse in the Division 1 Mid Atlantic Women's Lacrosse League (MAWLL) and we play in both the fall and spring.

How to Join

We hold tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester.

Time Commitment

In the fall, we practice three nights per week for two hours each. In the spring, we practice four nights per week for two hours each. Practices are required.


Dues are approximately $150 per semester.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • 2013 US Lacrosse WCLA Division II National Champions
  • 2013-14 UREC Sport Club of the Year
Contact Us

Email us at jmuclublax@gmail.com.
Visit our website.


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