About Us

American Freestyle Karate is a blend of several different styles of martial arts, including Kenpo, kickboxing, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, and Karate. We have about 30 members, with around 20 that consistently come to every practice.  We are a co-ed club and we operate year round.

How to Join

The club is open for anyone who wishes to join.  We are open to all, regardless of experience.  You may sit in or participate in any practice until you make a decision on whether or not to join.  However, dues will need to be paid after two weeks of the student’s first practice.  If you are interested in joining feel free to email us and/or just show up to class. Additionally, we participate in Student Org Night (SON), so feel free to visit us there.

Time Commitment

We practice three days a week; normally on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for two hours each day.  While there is no practice quota that must be met to remain in the club, we determine a number of practices and stripes that must be attended to advance in belt rank at the end of each semester.


Dues are currently $100 in the participants first semester.  These dues include a uniform.  In the next semester and subsequent semesters, dues are $85.

Contact Us

Email us at: clubtaekwondo@gmail.com 

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