About Us

Club Table Tennis is co-ed and typically made up of 25-40 members. We have the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) divisional tournament each semester, along with some friendly matches scattered throughout. If members qualify, there is the opportunity to compete in both regionals and nationals.

How to Join

Our club is open to everyone; people of all skill levels are welcome to join. We do not have tryouts, just some new member days after Student Organization Night where we plan practices and social events to help members get to know the game and the club members. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to come by and join any time in the semester!

Time Commitment

We have official practices two days a week for two hours each. Attendance is not required, however it is used to help determine player placement in tournaments so that we can make sure that those that are committed to the club and attend practices get a better chance or ranking for participating in the tournaments. Members may choose to meet each other outside of the club schedule to play as well, and many do, but that isn't required and isn't used for attendance.


Dues are $30 per semester for new members and $20 for returning members.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

We had two men and the women's team qualify for regionals for the 2018-2019 school year. We have also hosted the divisional tournament multiple times since the club restarted in 2016.

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