About Us

Club Swimming is a co-ed team with about 150 active members. We are part of College Club Swimming (CCS) which is the collective organization that unifies college club swim programs across the country.

We regularly hold practices and compete in 2-3 meets per semester, including CCS Eastern Regional Championships in the fall and the CCS National Championship in the spring.
We strive to promote a welcoming and inclusive environment for swimmers of all levels.
How to Join

We do not hold tryouts nor do we make cuts.

We encourage anyone with or without swimming experience to attend our New Member Interest Meeting which takes place soon after Student Organization Night in September, or join second semester after attending our Spring Interest meeting.

Time Commitment

We practice five times a week, Monday through Friday, for an hour each day. Meets are held on weekends. Practices and meets are not mandatory but members of Club Swimming are highly encouraged to participate!


Dues are determined at the beginning of each new school year. Currently they are $90 per semester or $160 for the full year.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • 2003-04 UREC Sport Club of the Year
Contact Us

Email us at jmuclubswimming@gmail.com.
Visit our website.
Find us on Instagram @jmuclubswimming

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