About Us

We are a co-ed club team with approximately 40 members each year.  We operate in Fall (outdoor), Winter (indoor) and Spring (outdoor).

How to Join

All levels are welcome to join the club. There is a travel team consisting of 12 members which is exclusive for members with more experience and skills for out-of-state tournaments. 

Time Commitment

Practice is held twice a week. During the outdoor season we practice for three hours and two hours during indoor season. However, we hold pickup games throughout the week for members who want to put some extra practice time in.

Members do not have to come to each practice, but it is suggested for members who want to compete in tournaments.


Dues are $45 a semester or $80 for the year. This may vary.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • 1st place at 2017 Fall East Bay Collegiate Regionals

Contact Us

Email us at jmuspikeball@gmail.com 
Visit our Instagram at @jmuspikeball

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