About Us

We are a co-ed team with about 80-100 members. We compete through the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA) within the Southeastern Conference. The events we compete in are, but not limited to giant slalom, slalom, boardercross, rail jam, and slopestyle. While we hold practices and compete in these events, our main goal is to have fun and create lifetime bonds with our teammates. 

The fall semester consists of working as a team to get to know each other through fundraising and volunteering. Additionally, we are adding fall park practices at Liberty University’s Snowflex center. Our typical conference season begins the first week of Spring semester and runs for 6 to 8 weeks. Following our conference, we also have regionals for our top 5 riders in all events for the Mid-Atlantic region. After regionals, the top 5 teams from the Mid-Atlantic region then compete in nationals against colleges all over the nation. 

How to Join

We do not have an application process. We welcome all experience levels in skiing and snowboarding. Additionally, experienced riders and coaches are available to help any team member reach their riding goals over the course of the season.

Time Commitment

During the fall semester, park practices at Liberty University’s Snowflex are offered on Tuesday evenings and some weekends. A typical session could range from 2 hours to 4 hours not including travel time. 

During the spring semester, alpine practices at Bryce Ski Resort are offered Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evening. Practices are with PSIA and AASI certified coaches and typically run for around 2 hours not including travel time. Park practices at Massanutten are on Monday evenings and typically range from 2-3 hours not including travel time. 


Annual dues typically range from $175 - $180. This covers race fees, registration fees, housing, some meals, team events, and coaching. 

Members have to pay individual lift ticket fees for every race weekend they attend. Additionally, members need to have their own ski or snowboard equipment if they do not already. Massanutten Ski Resort, Bryce Ski Resort, and Powder Shack all offer rentals that are available for the whole season. Team lift tickets for practice at Bryce Ski resort are discounted to $15 per person. 

Awards, Recognition and Championships

Spring 2023 Season:

  • Conference: 
    • Men's FreeSki – 2nd Place
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine – 2nd Place
    • Women's Snowboard Alpine – 3rd Place
  • Regionals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Overall (GS) – 2nd Place
    • Women's Snowboard Overall (GS) – 4th Place 
    • Men's FreeSki – 4th Place
  • Nationals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine (Boardercross) – 2nd Place

Spring 2020 Season: 

  • Conference: 
    • Men's Ski Alpine – 4th Place 
    • Men's FreeSki – 4th Place
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine – 1st Place 
    • Men's Snowboard Freestyle – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Ski Alpine – 4th Place 
    • Women's FreeSki – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Alpine – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Freestyle – 2nd Place 
  • Regionals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Overall (Slopestyle and GS) – 2nd Place 
    • Women's Snowboard Overall (Slopestyle and GS) – 2nd Place 
  • Nationals: 
    • Men's Snowboard Alpine (Boardercross, GS, Slalom) – 2nd Place 
    • Men’s Snowboard Freestyle (Rail Jam and Slopestyle) – 5th Place 
Contact Us

Email us at jmuskiracing@gmail.com.
Follow us on Instagram.


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