About Us

We are a competitive men's club that consists of 20-23 members. We compete in the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. In the fall, we host one to two tournaments and travel to two or three other universities to compete as well. In the spring, we may or may not host a home tournament but travel all over which includes a national tournament, in locations such as Kansas City, MO and Phoenix, AZ.

How to Join

A two to three day tryout is held in the fall depending on level of play and turnout.

Time Commitment

We hold three to five practices per week for two hours each and attendance is required unless there is an academic conflict.


Dues are typically $200-350 depending on the club's needs and travel plans.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • 2018 Eighth Place Finish in National Championship (B Team)
  • 2002-03 UREC Sport Club of the Year

JMU Men's Club Volleyball is a competitor at a national level every year and we have consistently placed in the top three teams at tournaments throughout Virginia for the past several years.

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