COVID-19 Sport Clubs Update

At UREC, we know that Sport Clubs are very important to the college experience and we are working hard to be able to create a plan to allow for club activities that can be done safely. Below you will find a link to the Sport Clubs Phased Return to Play Guidelines detailing the approach of returning to play this Fall semester.

All Clubs will begin the semester in the Red Phase with no practices or travel allowed. 

At this time, our goal is to move out of the Red Phase about two to three weeks into the semester. It is important to understand that at any point we could be required to move back a phase if the environment dictates that. It is also important to understand that some sports may be allowed to move into a different phase based solely on their type of activity. This is not a one size fits all scenario. Please read the guidelines below and contact the Clubs directly for more information about their plans.

Sport Clubs Phased Return to Play Guidelines

Questions about Sport Clubs or the COVID-19 Phased Return to Play Guidelines? Please contact the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs and Inclusive Recreation.

About Us

We have two men's teams in an A and B division. We practice year round, but the competitive season is during the Spring semester. Both men's teams attend tournaments in and around Virginia.

How to Join

In the beginning of the Fall semester we host two weeks of tryouts and also attend a tryout tournament. Everyone who wants to play can automatically play with the B Team, and approximately 30 players are selected to be part of the A Team, also known as the Hellfish.

Time Commitment

We practice four days per week for two hours each. All practices are required for the A Team.


Dues are approximately $100 per semester.

Awards, Recognition and Championships
  • A Team - 2016 Virginia Sectional Champions
  • B Team - 2016 Virginia Sectional Champions
Contact Us

Email us at
Follow us on Instagram.


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