About Us

We are a men's club sports team with a roster of about 50 active players. We compete in the Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) and play in both the fall and spring seasons.

How to Join

We hold four days of tryouts where we run several different drills and scrimmages during the tryout. Here we allow players to showcase their strengths and give them several opportunities to tryout for the team if there is interference with classes. We host tryouts in both the fall and spring seasons.

Time Commitment

We practice four times per week for about two hours each. Practice is not required but highly recommended to improve our team's chemistry and build as a team to compete at a high level.


Dues are approximately $500 per semester and may vary.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

In 2021-22 we went 7-2 in our first year in the MCLA and qualified for conference playoffs.

In 2018-19 we had a record of 10-2 and were again ranked second in the NCLL.

In 2016-17 we were ranked second in the NCLL and made it to championship weekend.

Contact Us

Email us at: jmumenslax@gmail.com
Follow us on Instagram.

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