About Us

We are a competitive ice hockey team playing in the Division II American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) against various teams including UVA, WVU, UMD, Duke, NC State and various others. We play primarily between October and February (not including playoffs) and we normally take 20-25 players.

How to Join

We hold tryouts prior to the season and our tryout dates can be found on both our website and Facebook.

Time Commitment

We practice at the Haymarket Ice Rink about once a week. Every practice is mandatory and highly recommended if you want playing time during games.


Dues are typically between $1400-1500 for full-time players and $750-900 for alternate players. Dues may vary.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

We are a consistent playoff team and we were the Stephen Russell Memorial Tournament Champions in 2016 and 2017.

Contact Us

Email us at jmuicehockey@gmail.com.
Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.


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