About Us

Our club has approximately 40 members, we are a men's sports club and we compete in the Northeast Team Handball League in Division II West. We have tournaments all throughout the year and our Collegiate Club Nationals are in the spring.

How to Join

We hold tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester and accept a few walk-ons at the beginning of the spring semester. Anyone who wants to compete is welcome to come have fun with us!

Time Commitment

We practice twice a week for two hours at a time. We choose our tournament rosters based off of attendance to practices so the commitment is up to the members.


Dues are $90 per semester and $175 for the year.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

We have been ranked in the Top 10 Club Handball teams in the nation for the past three years.

Contact Us

Email us at jmuteamhandballclub@gmail.com.
Like us on Facebook.

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