About Us

Our club has approximately 40 members and for the 2022-23 school year we will have both a men's and a newly founded women's team. We have tournaments all throughout the year at home and at other schools including UVA, ARMY, PITT, UNC and OSU. Our Collegiate Club Nationals are in the spring.

We play year-round with tournaments in the Fall and Spring.

How to Join

Our club will hold tryouts at the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Anyone interested in trying out for the team is encouraged to come to our booth at Student Organization Night where we will have the dates, times, and more information regarding tryouts and the sport in general. If you are unable to attend Student Organization Night, you should reach out to our email or Instagram for all tryout information.

Time Commitment

Each team will practice three days a week split between the men’s and women’s for two hours at a time. We choose our tournament rosters based on attendance at practices, so the commitment is up to the members.


Dues are $150 per semester or $275 for the year.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

We have been ranked in the Top 10 Club Handball teams in the nation for the past five years.

Contact Us

Email us at jmuteamhandballclub@gmail.com.
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