About Us

Our club team competes in the National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA) and plays in 2-3 NCCGA tournaments per semester. Our region is comprised with the likes of UVA, Virginia Tech, VMI, Longwood, Roanoke College, and other Virginia universities.

Team size varies each year. On average, there are 30-35 members on the team who all play, practice, and socialize together.

How to Join

Tryouts to make the team are held every fall, usually the first weekend of September. It is a two day tryout, with the first cut coming after the Saturday round and the final roster being chosen after the second day of tryouts.

Time Commitment

Once on the team, each member must qualify to travel to the regional and national tournaments. This qualifying process includes playing 18 holes when the player is able to and then playing in a mandatory 18 hole, tournament style, qualifying round. The top 6 players will travel to the tournament and then 2 other players are chosen by exec members as “captain picks.” For those who do not qualify for tournaments throughout the semesters, “in-house” weekend tournaments are held at the team’s home course.

Our home course is Lakeview Golf Course, located approximately 10 minutes from JMU’s campus. With 36 holes, it is never a problem making a tee time and playing time averages under 4 hours. In regards to practice, there are no mandatory practice times, but members of the team are usually found playing and practicing together throughout the week. As mentioned, weekend tournaments are held at Lakeview where the team can stay in the competitive mindset while still having fun. These tournaments include different formats such as skins, Wolf, Ryder Cup, and others.


Dues vary with each semester, but range from $150 to $200.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

Recent success has included bids to the NCCGA National Championship in New Jersey and South Carolina as well as winning a regional tournament in Williamsburg, VA.

Contact Us

Email us at: jmjclubgolf2@gmail.com

Visit our website.


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