About Us

We are a co-ed club for those who share a love for skiing and/or snowboarding. We typically accept around 350 members per year. During winter break, we take a trip out west (the past two trips have been to Aspen Colorado and Steamboat Colorado. For spring break, we typically go to Mont Tremblant, Canada, or Vermont. Throughout December-March, we take 3-4 weekend trips up to Snowshoe, West Virginia, and trips to Massanutten during the week. During our off-season, we do camping trips, hiking, intramural sports, and more!

How to Join

The club has an application process, however, we will be accepting people across all skill levels. The application will be available at our interest meeting as well as on our Instagram!

Time Commitment

There are no mandatory events for Boarderline however, acceptance on trips is based on a point system. Points are awarded for specific activities and are encouraged for everyone!


Dues will be $150 for the 2023-2024 school year.

Contact Us

Email us at
Follow us on Instagram @jmuboarderline

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