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How to Register for Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports registration takes place prior to the start of each season or tournament. Please see the Intramural Sports schedule for dates and times to register.

Register Now

Step 1: First Time IMLeague User
  • Go to
    • Every JMU student and Faculty/Staff member should already have an account and will be able to login using their eID credentials.
  • Click Intramural Sports.
  • After signing in through URECRegister, you will be directed to the IMLeagues Account Creation page.
Step 2: Signing up a team for an Intramural Sport
  • Log in to your IMLeagues account.
  • Click on the Intramural Sports tab near the top of the page.
  • A list of all active sports will populate. Select the sport and league that you wish to join.
  • Once you have clicked on the sport and league you wish to join, a list of divisions will populate. Click the “Create Team” button located underneath your desired division.
  • You will be required to take and pass the captain’s quiz on ALL sports.
  • Upon completion of the quiz, you will be required to “Accept” the waiver.
  • Then you need to fill out your Team Name and Team Options. Once completed, “Create Team”
Step 3: Joining an Intramural Sports Team

You can join the sport in one of three ways:

  • For Team Captains Only
    • Create team and complete all necessary trainings and quizzes.
    • Invite members to the team. Click on “Invite Members” on team page; all invited members must accept the invitation to be added to your team.
    • If a team member is already registered on IMLeagues, search for their name and invite them. If they are not registered, invite them through email.
  • Join a Team
    • From the IMLeagues Intramural page, choose the sport and league you wish to play in. A list of all teams in all divisions will populate. Click the green “Join Team” button next to the team you wish to play with.
    • Agree to the waiver, pass the quiz and fill in all necessary information.
    • A message will be sent to the captain of the team you asked to join. Once the captain has given approval, you will be added to the roster.
  • Join as a Free Agent
    • You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you would like. You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or put information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.
    • This does not guarantee that you will be invited to join a team.
    • Click the sport and league you wish to sign up in. For each division you are available to play, click the “Register/Signup” button to the right and select “Free Agent.” Enter all necessary information and select “Post Listing.
    • Sign up as a free agent for as many divisions as you want, but you may only join one team per league.

Step 4: Leagues and Schedules
  • Team schedules, game results and sportsmanship ratings will be posted on the IMLeagues website and can be viewed by logging into your account.
Contact Us

If you have registration issues or questions, please stop by or call the UREC Welcome Center at 540-568-8734 or contact the Assistant Director for Intramural Sports and Youth Programs.

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