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COVID-19 Update - TEAM Challenge Course Menu

UREC is offering both virtual and in-person TEAM Challenge Course programs with procedural modifications and safety measures. Please read more about virtual and in-person program options below then fill out the TEAM Request Form.

TEAM Program Request Form

TEAM Challenge Course Topics

UREC's TEAM Challenge Course is a custom experience for your group. Potential topics covered during a TEAM Challenge Course virtual or in-person program include:

  • Community Building
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Cooperation and Cohesion
  • Goal Setting and Decision Making
  • Integrity, Character, and Values
  • Self-Awareness
  • Inter/Intra-personal Relationships
  • Change and Personal Growth

Some of these topics may emerge naturally through the experience, but you can request to have your experience focus on specific topics to meet your group's needs.

Review the different program formats we offer below, then fill out the TEAM Request Form when you're ready.

Virtual TEAM Programs Menu

There are currently three virutal program offerings. All offerings can be as short as one activity (5-10 mins) or we can design a program for 30-120 mins. We will ask for more information after you request a program with us. All virtual programs are currently half price! 

Pick at the Ice: A spin on our Break the Ice Program

This program is designed to help kick off a meeting, or can even be used to break up a longer meeting. Help your group or team to get to know each other, get moving, or just laugh while building camaraderie. Can be as short as one activity, can be a few activities.

High Tech Teambuilding: Taking our Foundational Teambuilding to the Virtual World

This program will probably start with an icebreaker of some kind, let us know how well you already know each other so we can keep it relevant. Then we will move into Problem solving activities. Can be one problem with a discussion or a few.

Discussions, Metaphors, & Analogies: New TEAM Offering!

Do you need just an activity to illustrate a point or a certain topic for you meeting? This may be the program for you, this can be as short as one discussion. We will pinpoint what topic you would like us to focus on and then proceed using the time frame you have provided. Can be one short activity to prove a point and jump right into a discussion, or can be a few activities then discussion. 

In-Person TEAM Program Menu

All in-person programs will follow UREC's safety measures and procedural modifications. These are currently being developed for UREC TEAM programs and will be udpated soon.

Break the Ice (2-4 hours): Icebreakers and Initiatives

Whether your group has never met, is adding new members, or just wanting to change up a regular meeting, this is the program for you. With the ability to bring portable initiatives to your space, we will be able to program for your group in an atmosphere that is comfortable for them.

Foundational Teambuilding (2-6 hours): Icebreakers, Initiatives, and Low Challenge Course Elements

Foundation is “the basis or groundwork of anything,” as defined by The Foundational Teambuilding program is customized to touch on those potential topics which apply to your group’s needs. We utilize activities both prop based as well as our Low Challenge Course Elements to build and/or solidify your group’s foundation.

Synergy (4-8 hours): Icebreakers, Initiatives, Low Challenge Course Elements, and a segment of the Odyssey (our High Challenge Course)

Synergy, as defined by, is “the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.” This program is designed to get your group moving like a well-oiled machine. Starting on the ground with some foundational teambuilding, then moving up, literally, to work together at height, the challenge really sets in for your team to be as high functioning as possible.  

Team Odyssey (2-6 hours): Icebreakers, Deinhibitizers and/or Initiatives, and a segment of the Odyssey (our High Challenge Course) 

All student groups must complete a program including Low Challenge Course Elements prior to requesting this program within the same academic year.

This program takes Foundational Teambuilding to a whole new level. We break the ice and get you moving at the first part of the program. From there we gear you up and teach you about our Odyssey Challenge Course. Teams really have to trust and lean on each other to make it through. With many different pathways to experience this Odyssey course the program is unique each time. This program option is only available to your group once a Low Challenge Course program is complete within the academic year. 

Program suggestions by age group

UREC is not currently offering in-person programs for youth age groups due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions and operational modifications but we are offering virtual programs

We look forward to offering in-person programs as soon as it is safe to do so! Typically, we offer the following programs based on age groups:

  • Elementary Aged: Break the Ice Program here at JMU or possibly on your site
  • Middle School Aged: Break the Ice or Foundational Teambuilding and we have the ability to add the Zip Line to the program
  • High School or Older: Any of the programs can work for your group

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