UREC COVID-19 Update

Thank you for reviewing UREC COVID-19 modifications prior to your visit!

The UREC team appreciates your cooperation while within UREC facilities. Make sure to bring your mask with you and review the latest mask policies in place at this time. 

UREC Access
  • An active UREC membership utilizing a JAC card, URAC card, or MobileID (download here) is required to participate at UREC and University Park.

  • UREC and University Park no longer require pre-registration entry times nor the Livesafe App. Those with active memberships are able to arrive at any point during operational hours to access the facility.

  • UREC has reinstated guest passes, family hours, and alumni single day passesUREC also welcomes visitors to tour UREC.
Symptom Monitoring
  • Participants must conduct symptom monitoring prior to coming to UREC and must not enter UREC if experiencing one or more of the following: Cough, unusual shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever of 100.4 or above, chills, repeated shaking with chills, runny nose or new sinus congestion, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, fatigue, new gastrointestinal symptoms, new loss of taste or smell.
Participant Expectations

  • Masks:

    • At UREC and other indoor recreation facilities on campus, masks are required for entry and are to be worn properly at all times while inside the building with the following exceptions:
      • Participants may lower masks while actively engaging in exercise. Masks must cover the nose and mouth once exercise activity is complete.  Total removal of masks while engaging in exercise is prohibited, as it needs to be immediately available to raise at all times.

      • Participants may lower masks temporarily to drink water. Mask must cover the nose and mouth if not actively drinking water.

      • Masks may only be removed entirely when in the water (pools and spa), while showering and in the sauna, but must return to covering the nose and mouth once exiting those spaces.

      • When seated at a table, you may remove your mask to eat.

      • Children ages 2-11 must wear a mask at all times, and may not use the pool, spa or sauna for this reason until further notice.

    • At University Park, East Campus Fields, and the UREC turf, all participants are not required to wear a mask when outdoors. Participants are encouraged to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings.

  • Physical Distancing: Physical distancing is a simple and very effective way to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. At UREC, this means mainting at least three feet apart from others in lines and while walking through UREC and ten feet apart during exercise.

  • Disinfecting: Participants must take an active role in wiping down of equipment before and after use and frequent hand washing/sanitizing to ensure a safe environment.

  • Water Bottles: Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to hydrate, however, the water fountains are fully operational again.

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