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Reservation of Demonstration Kitchen
  • The Demonstration Kitchen can be reserved by JMU affiliated groups and clubs during UREC’s hours of operation for a fee.
  • The reservation request form must be received at least 21 days before the proposed event to be considered for scheduling.
  • A UREC employee with a ServSafe certification must be present and scheduled by the Demonstration Kitchen staff.
  • Groups may access the Demonstration Kitchen one hour before and after the scheduled event time for prep and clean up.
  • Groups who are utilizing the Demonstration Kitchen for their own program must receive Aramark approval to bring in outside food before the UREC reservation is approved.
  • Groups reserving the UREC Demonstration Kitchen must handle registration for their own program and must not exceed the participants declared in the Event Request form.
  • The facility fee is required for reservation confirmation.
  • The cost of food will be invoiced after the reservation.
  • Once request form is submitted, please allow 3 business days for communication.
  • Demo Kitchen Reservation Only
    • Facility Fee: $50.00
  • Demo Kitchen Reservation + Program Facilitation:
    • Facility Fee: $50.00
    • Food Rates:
      • Up to 9 participants: $60.00
      • 9-15 participants: $120.00
      • 15-25 participants: $200.00

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