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Battleship 2022

Have you ever played the board game Battleship? Do you want the chance to play it in real life? The objective of Battleship is to sink all of the other canoes in the water and be the last boat standing!

Battleship 2022: UREC hopes to offer Battleship again in spring 2022 - stay tuned for details! 

How to Register
  • Battleship is open to all skill levels.
  • Students and faculty/staff are able to register.
  • Register on under Intramural Sports and recruit a team of 4 people to compete.
  • Visit UREC's Welcome Center by (Date TBD) and pay your Forfeit deposit ($30 on Flex).
  • Captain's Meetings: In order to participate, all teams must send one or more members to one of the following Captain’s Meetings to go over event logistics and rules. Participants may attend either meeting (times TBD).
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