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Beyond the Quad

Now more than ever, it’s time to opt outside! The CDC recommends prioritizing outdoor activities over indoor activities when possible. Staying physically active outside is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy, relieve stress and get some fresh air. JMU is full of great spots (including and beyond the Quad) for outdoor eating, studying, gathering in small groups, and staying active. 

JMU Outdoors Interactive Google Map

Check out this Google Map to see what is available near you.  Click on the “layers” to see different categories, including Outdoor Seating, Prime Picnic Spots, Get Active: Open + Flat Spaces, Fishing Spots, Running/Walking Paths, Hammock Spots, Sports Spots, and Local Parks. 

Looking to venture further away for an adventure? Read the Plan Your Trip guide. If you are traveling in a vehicle, carpool or vanpool only with people in your household. 

If an outdoor area is crowded, do your part and look for a new spot! 

Outdoor Activities at JMU

View and register for UREC and UPARK Outdoor Activities.

There are more upcoming outdoor campus activities included on the JMU Master Calendar

At UREC, you can rent items you can take with you outside: 

You can also plan a picnic and take your meals to-go! 

Remember to wipe down equipment with disinfecting wipes before and after use. Wash or sanitize your hands after touching shared items – before touching any part of your face. 


What to Pack

Keep these items on hand when venturing out: a mask, hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, and a filled water bottle. 

Take inventory of your cold weather/rain gear. Dressing for the weather (ex: gloves or a winter coat) will make spending time outside much more enjoyable. Beyond purchasing online, Harrisonburg has a wide range of retailers ranging from thrift stores to specialty outdoor stores to fit your budget. Learn about How to Dress in Cold Weather.  

When to Wear a Mask Outdoors

On campus, masks must be worn outdoors on campus except while alone. If you cannot easily maintain a minimum of 10 feet from others during physical activity or six feet while walking/sitting, a mask is necessary.

How Many People Can You Be with Outside? 

It’s best to keep your group as small as possible. There is a 10-person maximum set on social gatherings on campus. Everyone in your group needs to say 6 feet apart even if everyone has masks on.

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