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Warm a Winter Wish

Each year, UREC receives wish lists of individuals and families from First Step, Mercy House and Brain Injury Connections of the Shenandoah Valley. 

Their wishes are hung on a tree in UREC for faculty, staff and students to fulfill. It has been proven for the past 25 years that JMU students demonstrate incredible generosity and kindness each year by donating their time and many of the gifts. Seeing the gym lined with wrapped gifts is a moving demonstration of the difference we can make when we all do a small part.

Our goals include extending the UREC mission to our community with an emphasis on creating healthy lifestyles, recognizing that gifts purchased connect to a community need and connecting community organizations to students, faculty and staff and vice versa.

Questions? Contact the Senior Assistant Director for Reservations and Events.

Get Involved

Here are involvement opportunities for individuals, organizations and departments:

  • Take a Wish from the UREC Holiday Tree: You simply need to come to UREC, remove a wish from the tree, purchase the gift and return it unwrapped to UREC with the wish tag on the present (this way we know what family and individual the gift goes to). The Warm a Winter Wish Tree will go up in the UREC Lobby in November 2020, details coming soon!

  • Attend the Annual UREC Wrapping Party: Come to UREC and help wrap gifts with UREC student and professional employees! Stay tuned for the date, time and location of the annual wrapping party. The Annual UREC Wrapping Party in December 2020. Details TBD.

  • Donate Wrapping Supplies:  It takes a lot of wrapping paper and tape to wrap over 1000 gifts! 

  • Entertainment at the Wrapping Party: Enjoy participating in our Bake Off by voting on your favorite Holiday Dessert while enjoying live musical performances.

  • Donate in Other Ways: Delivering gifts, promoting the event, preparing gift tags, other ways you can think of.
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