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UREC supports the JMU community's pursuit of sustainability, environmental stewardship and a broader sense of citizenship. At UREC, we aim to make environmentally responsible choices in regards to our facilities and processes.

  • University Park was awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification from the Green Building Certification Institute
  • UREC follows the guidelines set forth by Executive Order 82 to reduce use of electricity, of other utilities, and minimize the carbon footprint of state agencies through safely increasing temperatures, increasing recycling and more sustainable landscaping.
  • Three 'Hydration station' spickets were installed in the building in 2010 encourage re-use of water bottles.
  • The Upper Turf has "Light Structure Green" lighting, which is energy-efficient and web-controlled. The Upper Turf's turf material is comprised of recycled rubber from the "Nike Grind" program, which recycles post-consumer athletic shoes and reuses the granulated rubber as building material. The Upper Turf's water runoff runs into a sand filter. The stormwater passes through the sand bed and is collected in three underdrains. This is very effective in removing sediment and bacteria from stormwater.
  • UREC increased recycling receptacles in the building to encourage recycling of plastic bottles in 2010.
  • Campaigned to increase walking, biking, carpooling and public transportation to UREC.
  • Collected over 400 pairs of athletic shoes to donate to the Harrisonburg community as well as recycled through Nike Grind.
  • Worn and torn shoes will be recycled and made into sport surfaces around the world, including gym/weight room flooring, running tracks, playground surfaces, and outdoor and indoor synthetic courts.
  • Reduced water use by placing small timers in the locker room showers and encouraged participants and staff to restrict their shower to four minutes.
  • Promoted use of reusable water bottles through educational materials in the building.
  • Collected sporting goods to recycle and donate.
  • Promoted use of UREC’s refillable spouts through distribution of water bottles.
  • Installed automatic soap dispensers, flushers, and faucets in facility to save water and prevent cross-contamination.
  • Reduced paper-use through elimination of professionally printed full-semester program guides.
  • UREC was proud to participate in Recyclemania Waste Minimization 2009.

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