OSARP Leadership
Cover 2023 Profile

Cover Heishman

Associate Director, Case Management

Robby 2023 Profile

Robby Smith

Associate Director, Accountability Board

Educational Programs
Patrick 2023 Profile

Patrick Francis

Assistant Director, Educational Programs

Image Not Available

Position Filled - To Be Announced

Coordinator, Educational Programs

Abby Wax Profile

Abby Wax

Graduate Assistant, Substance Education Programs

Marleigh Beck Profile Pic

Marleigh Beck

Graduate Assistant, Personal Success Programs

Kim 2023 profile

Kim Morico

Student Case Administrator, Personal Success Programs

Image Not Available

Delaney Anderson

Student Case Administrator, Substance Education Programs

Profile Image

Mikela Ortwein

Practicum Student, Case Administrator

Restorative Practices
Lindsay 2023 Profile

Lindsay Stebbins

Assistant Director, Restorative Practices

Evan 2023 Profile

Evan Frizzell

Coordinator, Restorative Practices

Image Not Available


Graduate Assistant, Restorative Practices

Image Not Available

Alex Barna

Restorative Practices Program Assistant

Organizational Accountability
Image Not Available

Jessee Vasold

Assistant Director, Organizational Accountability

Austin Emerson Profile

Austin Emerson

Coordinator, Organizational Accountability

Office Administration
Shelby 2023 Profile

Shelby Tinsley

Administrative Assistant, Office Coordinator

Image Not Available

Harper Johnston

Student Office Assistant

Image Not Available

Charlotte Crowley

Student Office Assistant

Jameaka 2023 Profile

Jameaka Parham

Budget and Fiscal Coordinator (OSARP, CMSS, and SOGIE)

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