Our Mission

We facilitate student development and restoration through a fair process that holds students accountable to community and university standards in order to support student and community success.

Our Purpose

The Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices, a department within Student Affairs, handles JMU community standards violations. Our goal is to educate students about policies, community standards, and their responsibilities as citizens of JMU and Harrisonburg, while considering the safety of the entire JMU community.

Our Goals


Collaborate with internal and external partners to serve as a resource and consultant to meet the needs of students and the community.


Our staff will proactively and reactively address harms, obligations and safety concerns in the campus and Harrisonburg communities.


Creates and upholds a fair process to address behavior contrary to the standards of the community.


We will hold students accountable for their actions by providing opportunities for learning and growth through educational processes and programs.

Reporting an Alleged Violation

The Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (OSARP) notifies any student who has allegedly violated any of the university policies found in the JMU Student Handbook: Standards and Policies.


The Accountability Process will provide a prompt, fair, and impartial resolution. A Responding Party has the right to a presumption of not responsible for a violation until proven responsible as determined by a preponderance of the evidence in the accountability process.

For more information regarding student rights, please refer to the JMU Student Handbook: Accountability Process Student Rights.

How we Differ

An alleged policy violation in our office should not to be confused with an academic honor code violation. Honor code violations are specified in the Honor Code and seen by the Honor Council, but may be sanctioned to our programs and workshops.

Our office is also separate from the criminal process, and our staff members are not lawyers. For legal support, refer to the VA state bar referral service at (800) 552-7977.

Partnering with Us
Community Partners

We have developed partnerships with the community to enable the university to achieve its mission of preparing educated and enlightened citizens. Some of the departments on campus that we work closely with include:

  • University Health Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Office of Residence Life
  • Campus Safety
  • and many more
Parents as Partners

Parent involvement can be instrumental in helping a student learn from an incident. To better prepare for such a discussion, there is a section for parents on our website.

Parents of students under age 21 will be notified after a student is found responsible for any alcohol or drug violations that occurred on campus or was reported by a JMU police officer. Cases occurring off-campus without a JMU police report will result in parental notification upon request or receipt of citation.

Outreach Programs

As part of our outreach efforts, our staff serve on various committees and assist with many university events. Additionally, our staff members facilitate outreach programs throughout the year.

Professional Associations

Association for Student Conduct Administration (ASCA)

This organization supports higher education student conduct professionals by providing educational materials and resources, international professional development opportunities and a network of colleagues to facilitate best practices of student conduct administration and conflict resolution on campus and university campuses.

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