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Associate Director, Case Management
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Pronouns: He, Him

What I do in OSARP

Among other things, my main responsibilities include:

  • Supervise the Organizational Accountability staff and the Administrative/Front Desk staff.
  • Receive and process all reports/allegations sent to OSARP; Work with internal and external campus and community partners on the reporting process; Administrative oversight for all accountability processes.
  • Case Administrator for minor, major, and flexible Accountability cases, Sexual Misconduct cases, Title IX Sexual Harassment cases, and cases that involve possible outcomes of suspension or expulsion from JMU.
  • Advise individuals on the processes and options offered by OSARP and the university.
  • Facilitate outreach with internal and external campus and community partners regarding OSARP, student accountability processes, and restorative practices.
About Me

I graduated from JMU in 2008 with a B.S. in Sports Management. During that time, I was an Resident Adviser (RA) in Ikenberry Hall and Hall Director in Frederikson Hall. After undergrad, I worked in the golf industry for a year before returning to JMU in 2009 to be a Full-Time Hall Director (Chandler Hall and Shenandoah Hall) in the Office of Residence Life. While working for ORL, I completed a Master of Education degree in College Student Personnel Administration (CSPA). I also served as an Area Director for seven years in ORL, working directly with RAs, Hall Directors, and overseeing four different areas of campus (Village, Hillside, Grace Street, and Skyline). I have been in my current role with OSARP since July 2019 and I am also a PhD student in the School of Strategic Leadership Studies at JMU.

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