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What international programs has JMU closed or cancelled?

JMU has closed all four of our Spring 2020 semester-long study abroad programs. Students have returned from Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Spain. In total, JMU has recalled 109 students back to the United States, plus a handful of faculty and staff. Students, faculty and staff have been asked to adhere to the latest guidance from the CDC for travelers returning home.  

We also made the decision to close all short-term summer study abroad programs, as well as our summer semester-long programs in London, Antwerp, Salamanca, Florence and Edinburgh. Global engagement continues to be at the heart of JMU’s mission to be a university engaged with the ideas of the world. We will be working with students affected by these closures to identify alternative summer course options and future study abroad opportunities.

How is JMU supporting students whose international programs have been closed?

We have ensured that any students whose study abroad experience was cut short will have a means to complete their coursework and to earn those associated credits. Students will also be as financially supported as possible. JMU is paying for students’ change fee or airfare back to the U.S., as we recognize changing travel plans will be a financial hardship for some. The university will also work with students to provide pro-rated reimbursement of program fees and room and board based on the number of remaining weeks in the semester.

What factors does the university consider in its decision-making process for closing programs abroad?

Closing or canceling an international program is not a decision that is made lightly. The university considers a number of factors including academic impact and the free movement of students, but paramount in the decision-making process is protecting the safety of our community.

What should travelers returning from abroad do?

Per the CDC’s guidance, travelers returning home from countries carrying a Level 3 travel notice, “must stay home for 14 days after returning from travel, monitor their health, and practice social distancing.” Level 3 countries are listed here, and currently include Iran, South Korea, China and a number of countries in Europe.

NEW - Where can I get more information about study abroad?

Please visit the website for the Center for Global Engagement.

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