Statement Regarding Lessons, Juries, & Recitals for Remainder of Spring Semester 2020


  • All lessons will continue online for the remainder of the semester until April 30.
  • Lessons may proceed in a manner that is either synchronous or asynchronous, to be worked out on an individual basis, depending on the on-line capacity of the students and the teacher.


  • Performance Auditions will be postponed until the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Procedures for end of semester juries will be determined by each Performance Area (Brass/Percussion; Piano; Strings; Voice; Woodwinds)
  • Students have the option of receiving normal letter grades or choose to receive credit/no credit for applied lessons and recitals. Students have until May 18 to change to the credit/no credit option. 


  • Junior Recitals or other non-graduating recitals will be postponed for the rest of the semester. These recitals will be re-scheduled for after JMU re-opens.
  • All Recital Hearings are waived for the rest of the Spring semester
  • Each student will submit a video of themselves alone (no collaborators) to be “evaluated” by each applied teacher and/or their original committee as a “final performance” to have an “end goal” to attain. Specifics will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the applied teacher, in discussion with each student.
  • In view of the fact that forgoing the performance of a recital leaves a major gap in a student’s experience here at the JMU School of Music, students will be offered the option of coming back and performing their recital on stage once campus has been re-opened.

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