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Welcome to the JMU Marching Royal Dukes! All members are required to attend our pre-season camp August 18-24, 2019. Please see below for additional information.

When is MRD Band Camp Registration?

All MRD members must register for band camp between 10:30am and 3:00pm on SUNDAY, August 18, 2019. Registration will take place at the JMU Bookstore next to Godwin Hall (see enclosed map). Parking is available in the lots adjacent to Godwin. At that time, all members will receive a season drill book, water bottle, lanyard, camp meal card (see meal information later in this packet), nametag, and other important information pertaining to camp and our season ahead.

If you are unable to arrive by 3:00 PM, you must make special arrangements to register for camp by calling the Band Office at (540) 568-6656.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MRD Registration and Dorm Check-In are TWO SEPARATE PROCESSES.  Residence Life Staff at residence halls will be available between 12:00 PM and 2:45 PM to check you into your assigned dorm (if living on campus).

Where is MRD Camp Registration?

Registration takes place at the JMU Bookstore!

The JMU BOOKSTORE will be open during MRD Registration on Sunday, August 18 from 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM.

This will be an excellent opportunity to buy your books, JMU attire, or other supplies needed for the school year! 

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What if I'm a new student and need to attend 1787 August Orientation?

The JMU Band Office works with the JMU Office of Orientation to accommodate the needs of all incoming students.

CLICK HERE for a FIRST-YEAR Orientation Summary for all FRESHMEN MRDs.

AN ORIENTATION SCHEDULE FOR ALL MRD FRESHMEN IS INCLUDED IN YOUR CAMP PACKET. PLEASE REVIEW THIS CAREFULLY. You can also visit for more information, or contact us with any questions.

How do I register for the Marching Band class in MyMadison?

Make sure to register for Marching Band in MyMadison - MUAP 237

All RETURNING Wind, Percussion, and Guard members of the JMU Marching Royal Dukes MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0001.

All members of the Dukettes Dance Team MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0002

All NEW Wind, Percussion, and Guard members of the JMU Marching Royal Dukes (Freshmen or Transfer Students) MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0003.

Students MUST be registered for the appropriate sections by our first regular rehearsal (Tuesday, August 27, 2019).

Graduate Students should enroll in MUAP 537 - Section 0001.

If you have a class conflict and are unable to enroll for the appropriate class, please click here to download the appropriate override form.  Once this form has been completed, it needs to be submitted to the University Registrar's Office (Student Success Center). 

Override Form MUAP 237 - Section 0001 (Returning Members)

Override Form MUAP 237 - Section 0002 (DUKETTES ONLY)

Override Form MUAP 237 - Section 0003 (Freshmen/New Members)


Can I park on campus during camp?

Regular JMU Parking Regulations will be in effect during MRD Camp (see insert in camp mailing). All students who will have a car on campus must have purchased and properly displayed your new parking permit by Monday, August 19. If you plan to have a car on campus but will not be registering it during the season, you must purchase a temporary permit PRIOR TO BAND CAMP at the JMU Parking Services Office located at the entrance to the stadium parking deck. THE JMU BAND OFFICE WILL NOT BE REPONSIBLE FOR TICKETS RECEIVED DURING CAMP/THE SEASON.

Please visit for more information. Parking services will be open 7:00am-5:00pm.

Want your uniform from last season?

ALL RETURNING MEMBERS who indicated they wanted to receive the same uniform they wore during the 2018 season should plan to pick theirs up at the FORBES CENTER loading dock at some point during MRD registration on Sunday. 

Returning members who want a new uniform and new members who have not yet been fitted for a uniform will attend scheduled distributions beginning during MRD Camp.  Specific times for distribution will be announced during camp.

I have a question and need more specific information.

If you have any additional questions, call the band office at (540) 568-6656.


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