Outreach to K12

Events at elementary and middle schools

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics hosts Family Math Nights at local elementary and middle schools a few times a month, giving students and their familiies a chance to experience mathematics through games and activities. For more information contact John "Zig" Siegfried.

One-day events hosted at JMU

JMU Math & Stat hosts a yearly one-day STEM conference designed for middle school girls in grades 6-8 called madiSTEM (formerly EYH) which includes hands-on STEM workshops and presentations by women in STEM careers. For more information contact Colleen Watson or Celes Woodruff.

We also host an NSF-funded one-day event for local female high school students called Girls' Math and Coding Day at JMU, which welcomes students from Harrisonburg High School to the JMU campus for a day of workshops and activities with JMU students and faculty. For more information contact Minah Oh

Center for Outreach

The university also supports a Center for STEM Education and Outreach that engages students and faculty with the K-12 STEM community by developing sustainable and mutually beneficial informal STEM education programs. For more information contact Jennifer Gibson.


Outreach to JMU and the Community

Engaging JMU Students with Mathematics

The Math Connection Theatre connects art and STEM to inspire and increase understanding of mathematics in the general student body. This ambitious troupe of students presents professional productions that connect students to mathematics and engage them in ways they never have before. 

Consulting with JMU and the business community

The JMU Statistical Consulting Center is staffed by volunteer faculty from the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. The SCC assists local business and JMU students and faculty in experimental design, sample survey, data analysis, interpretation of results, and statistical computing issues.

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