Department Seminars

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics hosts two weekly general-interest seminars. Monday colloquium talks feature both internal and external speakers and are targeted to a combined faculty/student audience. Wednesday student seminar meetings are run by students as part of a MATH 167 course. 

Special Research Seminars

Faculty members organize research seminars in different fields, depending on current interest. Additonal special research seminars will be listed here as they are established.



Regional and national meetings

Many of our faculty are active in professional organizations with regional and national meetings, including the Mathematical Association of America and the Valley of Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Faculty and students often attend the meetings listed below. 

Conferences we host at JMU

The Department of Mathematics and Stastitics is proud to have hosted a major undergraduate research conference at JMU since 2005. Students and faculty from over 30 institutions across Virginia, surrouding states, and around the country visit JMU each fall for the Shenandoah Valley Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics (SUMS) Conference. The SUMS Conference features contributed undergraduate research talks, invited talks aimed at a general undergraduate math audience, a poster session, and panels about graduate school, undergraduate research, and math careers. Students at JMU can present their own research work at SUMS, and all JMU students are welcome to attend. 

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