JMU Mathematics & Statistics in the News

Dr. Roger Thelwell wins COMPASS Award for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: This award recognizes Dr. Thelwell's contributions as a visionary, leader, advocate, and catalyst over many years. See the video nomination.


This is how astronomically loud a rocket launch really is: Dr. Caroline Lubert is featured in Popular Science for her work measuring aeroacoustic noise from rocket launches like the upcoming Artemis I launch. 


Data to the Rescue: Partnering with the Harrisonburg Fire Department: Dr. Nelson and Dr. Thelwell worked with JMU students to help the Harrisonburg Fire Department to determine the optimal location for a new fire station based on incident and response data. 


Connections STEM from Community: The Haynes Scholars Residential Learning Community helps new Dukes in Myriad Ways. Drs. Arnold, Oh, Taalman, and Thelwell have been mentoring first-year JMU STEM majors in exploratory mathematics research. Read about the program at the JMU website or in the most recent issue of Madison Magazine.


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