Majors in Mathematics and Statistics

The listings below link to the official JMU Catalog for the undergraduate degrees offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For more information about each of these degrees, and many departmental opportunities, see our For Current Students page.

Mathematics Majors

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in Mathematics. The only difference between these degrees is in the General Education requirements, specifically a foreign language and philosophy requirement for the B.A. degree, and a scientific literacy requirement for the B.S. degree. For more information, contact Katie Quertermous

Mathematics Majors for Future Teachers

Students majoring in mathematics who are interested in becoming future secondary education teachers have the option of adding a secondary education licensure concentration to either the B.A. or the B.S. Mathematics degrees. Requirements for this concentration include completing the 22-24 credit hours that comprise the pre-professional education program in secondary education, taking either MATH 310 or MATH 315 as an elective, and completing MATH 415, MATH 470, and MATH 475. For more information, contact Katie Quertermous

Statistics Majors

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is also proud to offer a B.S. degree in Statistics, to meet the needs of both the public and the private sectors for graduates with degrees in statistics. The required courses provide a balance of applications and theory, which allows students to prepare for immediate employment or graduate studies. For more information about the Statistics major, contact either Ling Xu or Dinesh Sharma

Data Science Concentration

Starting Fall 2023 the department is excited to offer a concentration in Data Science to the Statistics major. This concentration includes courses in programming and databases, and is designed to prepare JMU students for the ever increasing demand for data scientists. More details about this concentration are here.


Minors in Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Minor

Many majors in physics, chemistry, engineering, quantitative finance, etc., find that a minor in mathematics enhances their degrees. A minor in mathematics requires a minimum of 18 credit hours, at least 6 of which must be earned within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For more information, contact Peter Kohn

Statistics Minor

A minor in statistics requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. For more information about the Statistics minor, contact Prabhashi Withana-Gamage

Computational Analytics Minor

The computational analytics minor is where you can get skills in high demand for many career paths as an operations research/computational analyst. We welcome ALL majors to pursue the minor. Computer Science majors and majors in the College of Science and Mathematics may be especially interested. See the flyer, or the catalog entry.


Majors in Elementary and Middle Education

Our department also supports the mathematical training of Elementary Education and Middle Education majors and offers an Algebra I Add-On Endorsement. For more information, contact Rich Busi


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