Our department has worked with the Virginia Department of Education to establish an approved program for JMU graduates to become endorsed to teach Algebra I in addition to their initial licensure area.

Any student who is interested in the Algebra I Add-on (AAO) will need to have credit (either by taking the course at JMU or by transfer credit) for the following courses:

MATH 110 and MATH 210
MATH 304, MATH 305, MATH 306, and MATH 307
MATH 135

In addition the following grade requirements must be met:

  • C- or better in each of the above courses, or in a course which substitutes for one of the above courses.
  • 2.75 or better cumulative GPA for all the math courses that are required for the AAO.

Any student meeting the above requirements should work with personnel in the Education Support Center to ensure accurate licensure.

Notes about MATH 135 (Elementary Functions - Algebra with Trigonometry):

Comparable courses to MATH 135 may be taken at other schools and the credits transferred to JMU. If a student exercises this option, they must seek approval that the course will transfer to JMU to satisfy the MATH 135 trigonometry requirement from the A-AUH of Mathematics Education, Dr. Alexis Stevens.

MATH 235 at JMU, including transfer credit for MATH 235, will satisfy the trigonometry requirement.

MATH 135 may be waived by a sufficient score on the ALEKS Math Assessment, an assessment taken by all students before starting at JMU.  Specifically, a score greater than or equal to 66 is sufficient to waive MATH 135.

Any student using a course substitution or an ALEKS score to satisfy the MATH 135 trigonometry requirement must request that their academic advisor complete a course directive/waiver through MyMadison.

Additional Questions? Please contact the A-AUH of Mathematics Education, Dr. Alexis Stevens.

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