The Math Connections Theatre Lab

The Connections Theatre Laboratory is an investigative multiuse space housed in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Math Connections was initially designed for hands-on experimental projects that help students gain an enhanced understanding of physical and mathematical modeling, and facilitate team-building skills as students work and innovate together. The space also was designed for development and live presentation of short productions that use experiments from science/engineering to motivate mathematics for small groups of calculus and pre-calculus students, providing a tangible connection to concrete applications that brings greater relevance to the mathematical theory.

The Connections Theatre Laboratory is the hub for the Mathematics Connections Theatre (MCT) team to meet, discuss, brainstorm, develop, test, script edit, rehearse, create (math, comedy, props, scenes, etc…) in preparation for each season’s Mathematics Connection Theatre production. This is a live sketch-comedy production culminating from the academic year collaboration between MCT math/science majors and JMU’s sketch comedy group, Maddy Night Live.

Check out MCT publicity flyers from some of our past productions: 




You can also download MCT Playbills from past productions: 2018 Playbill, 2019 Playbill, 2021 Playbill


Fun fact: Logo commissioned by MCT and designed by SMAD major, Claire Wayand (JMU ‘18)

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